• What does an All-Access plan mean?
    All-access plans allow you to enter Pier Nine by Sam Choy (Pier Nine) as many times throughout the day as you wish. The only limitation is if you get a meal “to go”. In that case, you would not be able to come back until the next meal period.

  • Can I change my meal plan? 
    On-campus residents may request to change their meal plan during the first week of classes each semester.  After the drop/add deadline for that semester, no changes will be made until the following semester.  Commuter and Faculty & Staff meal plans are final at the time of purchase.
  • My meal plan comes with Flex Dollars – where do I spend these dollars? 
    Flex Dollars may be used at Pier Nine by Sam Choy and Hawaii Loa Dining Commons. 

  • Can I take food out of the Pier Nine restaurant? 
    You may only take food out in a specific, green sustainable “to go” box. These boxes are available from the cashier at the front where the meal card is swiped. We allow only a small handheld food item to be carried out after eating in the facility. Examples of that would be a piece of fruit, a cookie, or bread item. 
  • Why do the portions seem smaller than what I would get in another restaurant?
    At Pier Nine, we strive to become a zero-waste facility in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Waste goes up dramatically by throwing uneaten foot out after dining. We encourage everyone to eat as much they want, but “eat what you take”. You can always come back for more! 

  • What is available to eat between meal periods?
    During a period of “normal business hours”, we are open between breakfast (10 a.m. – 11 a.m.) and lunch (2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) for ‘limited’ dining. Limited dining includes soup, salad, sandwiches, beverages, and desserts. After dinner and before late-night opens, you can use cash or flex dollars to purchase a meal in our ‘Shark Bites’ retail area, located near the cashier at the front. 

  • Am I allowed to bring a guest in with me if I’m on a meal plan?
    Students on the Waterfront Loft three weekly meal plans (12 per week, 15 per week, or All-Access), have the ability to bring up to four guests in each semester. The guest meals may be used at different times, or may be brought in together in any sequence. If guest meals are not used, they do not roll over to the next semester. Guests must accompany the meal plan user during the visit.  Once guest meal per semester may be donated back to the "food insecurity program,' and will be matched by Aramark

Faculty & Staff may also bring in guests to Pier Nine or the Hawaii Loa Dining Commons with their meal plan.

  • I’m worried about students that cannot afford to eat at PierNine. What can I do to help them?  
    Great question! You may help them by contacting the HPU Housing and Residence Life office. Let them know you’d like to help and they will allow you to donate one of your guest meals per semester. PierNine will match your generosity by donating a meal to the school for disbursement to students in need. 

  • Who do I see if I need guidance on a medical or dietary restriction?
    Please contact our Food Service Director to make an appointment with them. They are happy to talk to you about your concerns and develop a plan that helps you get the most out of your dining experience.  

  • I’m vegetarian, are there more options for me besides the salad bar?
    Yes – we will have many vegetarian and even vegan options rotating on our menus each day. They will either be marked with a special label or advertised on the menu board. Some stations that will always feature a vegetarian option include Sandwich, Soup, Entrée, and Pizza.